While Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be the most ambitious entry in the series, there are many notable staples currently missing from the experience. Many of the series’ iconic buildings and shops are nowhere to be found. Interestingly, a few Animal Crossing players have noticed their villagers mentioning buildings and features that aren’t available in the game yet.

Paintings In The Museum

Twitter user @sylvidia posted a video of Fang discussing paintings in the museum. Art and paintings were one of the biggest exclusions in New Horizons‘ new and improved museum. While players can collect fish, bugs, and fossils to donate, there is no section for art sculptures and paintings.

Adding an art section to the local New Horizons museum would be an exciting addition to the “collect and donate” gameplay. In previous Animal Crossing entries, players would need to verify the legitimacy of the paintings or sculptures they brought to the museum in case it was a forgery. It was fun to try and identify the difference between a real art piece and a fake one.

More Buildings and Shops

Another Twitter user, @lazydogvillage, posted a video of Isabelle mentioning the need for more shops in order to get a better island rating. Isabelle states, “What screams “development” more than a wide range of storefronts?”

There are a limited number of buildings available to develop in New Horizons. As far as we know,buildings like GracieGrace, Kicks Shoe Shop, and Club LOL are nowhere to be found. These buildings can introduce players to new characters and experiences, and provide their towns with more variety.

Coming Soon?

While we don’t know if these things are coming for sure, it’s interesting that there are text dialogues regarding them in the game. Nintendo has demonstrated a real commitment to supporting their games on Nintendo Switch in the long-term. These features not be here now, but they have the potential to come in an update.

What shops and buildings do you want to see come to New Horizons? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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Aaand another interesting and well written article~ ♪

I once received a letter from a villager who told me all about how much he loves eating Durians, even though they aren’t even in the game (yet)!


This game has a lot of potential.
It would be cool to also have farming like the game Farm Together.