In what feels like no time at all since its release on March 20th, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its first event a mere 11 days later. Billed as the ‘Bunny Event’, the Nintendo Direct Mini introduced us to a 12-day egg-travaganza that promised an opportunity to ‘live your best deserted-island life’ with the free update. If our recent Twitter post asking how people are feeling about the Bunny Event is anything to go by, our best island life seems to have deserted us.

Some have questioned the timing, others the delivery, and some have even gone as far as to question the event altogether. The common theme: too many eggs! Whilst it looked cute and quirky on the Direct Mini, there is a common saying that ‘less is more’ and I think this has most definitely been felt among the community. We have taken a look through the Twitter comments and collated people’s issues with the event and their suggestions on how to improve it.

Clash of eggs

Waking up to the beauty of the cherry blossom trees on April the 1st was a sight to behold. It was a subtle shift in scenery that reminded us all of the ever-changing world that New Horizons provides. It has definitely been felt by the community at large that this event deserved its own time to shine. Twitter user Charlaine D. (@chibisha74) summed it up perfectly when they declared that the Bunny Event ‘takes over the cherry blossom one . . . some of the items are pretty for sure, but the timing is weird.’ Many shared the same sentiment, and Wynn Dawnstrider (@wynndawnstrider) believes that ‘like everyone else, I wish it wasn’t conflicting with cherry blossoms. It would have been nice to have time to pick up all the fish before it started.’ They finish by stating that ‘it really should have started on Easter and extended after.’ A very sensible suggestion and one that does feel somewhat of a missed opportunity.

A moment too soon

Just as we all do here at ACPocketNews, so many Animal Crossing players look forward to the start of the month and the new fish and bugs that it brings. Stuie (@spookyhive) shared that ‘there’s way too many water eggs, it’s impossible to fish.’ Many agreed that there are just too many eggs, and not just in the water. ‘Too many eggs. I caught a butterfly today and expected it to be an egg,’ was an experience shared by Kayla (@kaylagrieger) who ended with the sound advice, ‘chill with the eggs.’ If ever there was a short and sweet solution to a pressing problem, that is the one! Alexa (@Abbi_Snowball) finished by asking, ‘Come on, did they have to include balloons?’ Thankfully, it feels as though the development team behind New Horizons have read the Twitter responses as they moved quickly to alter the appearance rate of the eggs. It may well have been too little, too late for some though as opinions were formed within the first few hours of play. We haven’t even got on to thinking about those who will only have purchased the game at the end of March due to pay day and the current climate. Being greeted by Zipper T on your first day experiencing New Horizons is far from ideal…

Too much of a good thing

At the time of the Direct Mini announcement, excitement was at fever pitch. We could all be forgiven for not quite understanding the ramifications of a 12-day event. As Lottie (@AceTrainerLot) alluded to, ‘the idea of a bunny event is so cute!!’ I think that is how many of us felt before it arrived, but she goes on to say that ‘it’s a long time for this event to last, especially when the eggs are taking over money trees, and peaceful fishing.’ Ben (@ItsRainingBen) – a fantastic twitter handle if ever we’ve seen one – offered up a similar diagnosis by sharing that ‘the concept of an egg hunt around the island is a fun one, but when spread out across 12 days, with 6 different egg types that each spawn in a very specific location, it kind of sucks all the fun out of it.’

Simple solutions

Ever the optimists, our ACPocketNews community have identified some tweaks to the user experience that could have made this a greater success. Multiple fans suggested that the option to opt out, almost like not attending a family holiday, would be great. As well as that, there have been some who would like the chances of an egg being found to decrease throughout the day, and others who wouldn’t have minded a time frame on the event. These are all very valid suggestions that could well be considered for next time around!

Now that we are halfway through, it would be great to hear your thoughts on the event now. Have your views changed? Do you enjoy it more than you did? Or is it still the event you wish it wasn’t? Get in touch with us here at @ACPocketNews.

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Shaun Hughes

Shaun Hughes


With the enigmatic and unassuming K.K. Slider as his hero, Shaun Hughes seeks to be the best teacher, writer, and gamer he can be. He owes so much to the Animal Crossing franchise and ACPocketNews is his way of giving something back.

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My biggest issue with it, I think, is that it supersedes the cherry blossom event so much. I’ve gotten every single available findable Bunny Day DIY, many two or three times, but only six of the available cherry blossom recipes. It’s really depressing, because I love the cherry blossom stuff, but I’m having to just catch blossoms and send them to my friends who have the ability to play more/longer than me and have found more than I have. It makes it much harder to enjoy the other event when so much of it is just bowled over by Bunny… Read more »


I loved it for the first week, and I really think a lot of problems could have been solved just by making the event shorter! Start it a week or even just a few days before Easter and it would have retained a sense of urgency, but as it stands I stopped finding anything new four or five days ago, and it’s gotten stale.

That egg dress sells for $12K though, so there’s one upside.


this post is quite northern hemisphere based! as a southern hemisphere player half of these annoyances don’t really apply to us – we just lost all (and i mean ALL) of our good fish so theres not much point fishing for us and its not spring yet so it doesn’t clash with cherry blossoms collection :)) but now i understand why everyone else seems so much more annoyed at bunny day then i am haha

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