The ACPocketNews team has been truly enamored by New Horizons since its release. After such excitement leading up to its release, the first few weeks were bound to be viewed with a pair of rose-tinted spectacles bought straight from the Able Sisters. Naturally, with many of us in excess of 100 hours played in just under three weeks, there are now a few key features that the team would like to see included in future updates.

To encourage a spot of healthy competition between the team, we would like you to consider the suggested features from each team member and vote for your favorite. You can only pick a team member’s suggestions as a set, you can’t pick and choose from all of us. Tag your favorite on Twitter!

Josue Ponce (Editor-in-Chief)

  • Unbreakable tools should most definitely be included, either as gold or diamond options.
  • Crafting multiple items at once – I haven’t got time to waste!
  • Include an option to skip the animation when a visiting player lands on your island.

Gabriel Videa (Editor)

  • The DIY workshop in your home should have access to the resources in your storage.
  • Offer a seamless experience when a visitor joins or leaves your island so that you can continue interacting with villagers or exploring the island.
  • Provide a ‘Durability’ meter for tools so that you can see when they are about to break.

Joda (Discord Admin)

  • Provide a shopping cart at Able sisters – how can I turn my island into a fashion metropolis if I have to spend half an hour going in and out of the changing room?
  • Be able to craft multiple items at once, and allow things like clams to stack. I’m a busy gal on the go, I need my bait and I need it now!
  • Isabelle should tell us when there’s a visitor. I want to know when Sahara is there so I don’t miss her.

Justine (Discord Admin)

  • Multiple buy option for the same category in Able Sisters
  • Ability to eat more than 1 fruit at a time (eat 5/10)
  • Fishbait to be sold at Nook’s

Shaun Hughes (Writer)

  • When using the ‘Island Designer’ application, you should be able to open the map and edit the landscape from a top-down perspective.
  • Be able to pick up more than one item at once i.e. grab all three apples from a tree or dig up multiple flowers at a time.
  • Have the option to ‘haggle’ or ‘barter’ with the sales animals on the island. Tom Nook wants 98,000 bells for a ramp? I’ll give you 75,000 and a pat on the back for a job well done.

Celesmeh (Designer and Contributor)

  • Include slightly more diverse dialogue between villagers with the same type of personality – we get it, you lift weights!
  • Be able to purchase more than one item in a transaction from Able Sisters.

Julien (Designer)

  • The fishing float should still move a little even in a pond – it’s all in the detail.
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Shaun Hughes

Shaun Hughes


With the enigmatic and unassuming K.K. Slider as his hero, Shaun Hughes seeks to be the best teacher, writer, and gamer he can be. He owes so much to the Animal Crossing franchise and ACPocketNews is his way of giving something back.

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I like all of these ideas. I hate having to go into my storage to craft something. I hate having to buy one item at a time. I like the idea of Equipment Durability and wish that there were a third tier of equipment (if one doesn’t exist). It would also be nice to have equipped equipment placed on their own separate toolbar. We also need a better way to place items. I get so annoyed having to waste time digging up and replanting flowers because I wasn’t standing on the correct pixel. C’mon other world building games like Minecraft… Read more »


you just want it too much like MC, that would ruin the game, the fact everything takes a lil while is part of the game, you’ll get used to it.


Two player mode on the same console, is there anything that can be done? When I play with my two daughters it’s diving us crazy to stay all together on the same screen and switch between leaders to get anything done! Also collecting the fruit and wood resources together is “boring” for the additional players as there’s a kind of “show off and poof” to the recycle box on every single item!!

the option to craft multiple items And unbreakable tools would be nice to earn eventually

Otherwise I love everything else single player about it 🥰


i think you hit a lot of things that were part of people’s concerns. i think it would be nice to have more buildings like those from new leaf. i miss having brewster and so do many others. i want to have gracie back because i liked buying her furniture in the last game. i think labels should have more purpose than her fashion checks for the tailor tickets because i honestly don’t really use those. more upgrades for the nooklings would be nice as well. i think the side rooms in your home would benefit from more space, i… Read more »


I would love to have the option to only sell a few items at once instead of all of them. If I have 30 iron nuggets I don’t want to have to separate them just to sell 10.

Sam Smith

Gabriel’s set please. Add the rest later!

Jennifer Kelly

I would like the big bugs we got on the last game when you went to the island. Bring those back

Mel Cabigao

I chose Gabriel! Having access to storage for crafting and a durability meter!! Such great suggestions!!!


I am on board with any of the following options: Shaun Hughes, Josue Ponce or Gabriel Videa. I find that everything they have to say has at least one feature I find important to be added. Choosing between them would be difficult. I do love all three of the first set, however I really would like to be able to change the island landscape easier with an entire map overview, so I’m tempted which I like best. Some features out weigh the others.


Gyroids! Just another fun and interactive collection!

Monica Henderson

I would love to be able to go to visit a mistery island with other people online with out the need of dodo codes etc.
It would be good for someone that don’t know anyone that have the game .just going to a neutral island and be able to chat would be nice .

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