C.J.’s Spring Fishing Tourney is finally here, and we wanted to celebrate the occasion with a special wallpaper we created for the event!

The wallpaper showcases our favorite fishing fanatic showing off his incredible angling skills! Even with all of C.J.’s talents, though, he can’t seem to avoid reeling in Sea Basses either. Check out the wallpaper below!

This wonderful wallpaper was designed by the incredibly talented @elisemakesart.

If you didn’t already know, C.J.’s Fishing Tourneys happen once a season. Nintendo officially announced the dates for the following Fishing Tourneys on Twitter.

How have you been enjoying the Fishing Tourney? Catching more fish than eggs? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

For all things Animal Crossing, stay tuned to ACPocketNews!

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Gabriel Videa

Gabriel Videa


Proud cat parent and froggy chair enthusiast with a knack for writing excessively.

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