Over the last few months, ACPocketNews has grown from a single Twitter account to a full-blown outlet dedicated to all things Animal Crossing. It’s been an incredible journey leading up to the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and we’re grateful to the Animal Crossing community for being with us along the way.

ACPocketNews is devoted to bringing you as much Animal Crossing content as we can possibly create. Last March, we launched our website and our podcast to celebrate the release of New Horizons and contribute even more to the Animal Crossing community. We’re aspiring to be one of your favorite sources for Animal Crossing news, illustrations, guides, and more.

With the launch of our Patreon, we’re hoping to use your support to develop ACPocketNews further. From improving the technical aspects of the website to creating higher quality content like wallpapers and interactive resources, we want to make ACPocketNews a wonderful source for the Animal Crossing community.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support you’ve given us throughout the years, and we want to provide everyone who supports us on Patreon with something special.

The ACPocketNews Patreon Packages

So, what are we offering to people who decide to support the ACPocketNews Patreon? We’re introducing a set of Animal Crossing-inspired Patreon Packages!

With the ‘Islander,’ ‘Resident,’ and ‘Island Designer’ Packages, we’re hoping to provide meaningful benefits to everyone who chooses to support ACPocketNews. Each Patreon package is listed below with the benefits that come with each monthly contribution.

Islander Package – $1 per month

The Islander Package includes:

  • x2 Monthly Wallpapers at full resolution with no watermark (1 regular wallpaper + 1 Patreon suggested wallpaper)
  • Contributor credits listed on ACPocketNews.com and read aloud on the last Nintendo Crossing podcast episode of the month
  • Patreon exclusive YouTube livestream
  • Exclusive Patreon text channel on Discord
  • ‘Islander’ Discord rank

Resident Package – $5 per month

The Resident Package includes everything in the Islander Package, as well as:

  • Input on a Nintendo Crossing podcast topic/segment
  • Access to the Nintendo Crossing podcast 2-days before public release
  • Exclusive Patreon voice channel on Discord (coming in two weeks)
  • ‘Resident’ Discord rank

Island Designer Package – $10 per month

The Island Designer Package includes everything in the Islander and Resident Packages, as well as:

  • Input on the one monthly Patreon suggested wallpaper
  • Participation in mini-games on Patreon exclusive YouTube livestream
  • Monthly feature/showcase of a supporter’s island on ACPocketNews.com
  • ‘Island Designer’ Discord rank

Starting in May 2020

You can sign up to support our Patreon starting today and you will not be charged until the start of next month (May 2020). You will gain access to the Discord rank and text channels, but the other benefits will begin next month.

We encourage any and all of your feedback regarding our Patreon. We’re here to learn and grow alongside the community, and we want to make this Patreon worthwhile for everyone who supports us.

Monthly Wallpapers

Our team of talented designers create new wallpapers every month for ACPocketNews.com! Each of these wallpapers are colorful, adorable, and beautifully designed to celebrate life in Animal Crossing. Check out the wallpapers we’ve already created for March and April!

All Patreon supporters will receive our two monthly wallpapers at full resolution with no watermark. One of the wallpapers will be a regular monthly wallpaper (at full resolution with no watermark). ‘Island Designer’ supporters will be able to put on their designer hats and make suggestions on the second monthly wallpaper.

Nintendo Crossing – An ACPocketNews Podcast

Nintendo Crossing is a weekly ACPocketNews podcast where we discuss the latest in Nintendo and Animal Crossing news! Each week, we get together to discuss our weekly experiences with New Horizons, share our thoughts on the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news, and talk about what’s going on in the community. Sometimes we have special guests join us on the show and we hope to introduce you to more of the ACPocketNews team.

All Patreon supporters will have their names read aloud (yes, all of you) on the last Nintendo Crossing episode of the month. We greatly appreciate your support and want to express our thanks to you in as many ways as we can. ‘Resident’ and ‘Island Designer’ supporters will gain access to Nintendo Crossing episodes two days before the public release and will be able to make inputs on podcast topics/segments as well.

Join our Discord with Special Perks

Join the ACPocketNews Discord to chat with fellow members of the community about all things Animal Crossing. Our Discord is growing, and we’re working to create more text channels and a voice channel for all of our members.

All Patreon supporters will receive a Discord rank based on their monthly supporter package and gain access to a Patreon exclusive text channel. In addition to creating a public voice channel for all of our Discord members, ‘Resident’ and ‘Island Designer’ Patreon supporters will gain access to a Patreon exclusive voice channel as well.

Patreon Exclusive Livestream

The ACPocketNews team will be launching a Twitch channel to engage with the community while playing Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAll Patreon supporters will also gain access to an exclusive YouTube livestream meant for Patreon supporters.

‘Island Designer’ supporters will be able to participate in mini-games with the ACPocketNews team on the Patreon exclusive YouTube livestream as well.

Monthly Island Showcase

‘Island Designer’ supporters will get a chance to have their island featured/showcased on ACPocketNews.com! We’ll take a flight to your island to get a tour of the place for a featured article. Flex those island designer muscles and share the beauty of your island with the Animal Crossing community.

Contributor Credits on ACPocketNews.com

Like we stated earlier, we want to thank you for showing your support in more ways than one. In addition to reading your names out loud on the Nintendo Crossing podcast at the end of every month, we will have a special page on ACPocketNews.com dedicated to everyone who supports us on Patreon. We appreciate your support, and we want you to know that we wouldn’t be here without your help.

Thank You

If you didn’t know, ACPocketNews was a Twitter account ran by one person since October 2017. In the last few months, we’ve been able to expand and grow into something bigger. ACPocketNews is made up of a team of contributors with a deep love for Animal Crossing. We love this game and this community, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to create all kinds of Animal Crossing content.

We want to thank every single person who has engaged with ACPocketNews throughout the years. Whether that’s replying to our tweets, reading our articles, or using our guides and wallpapers, we are beyond grateful for your support. We wouldn’t have grown so much without the help of the community and we’re deeply humbled by that. We’re excited about the future and we hope to make content worthy of your support.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you – the ACPocketNews team

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