A tweet from Tom Nook on the official Animal Crossing Twitter account revealed some exciting new content players have to look forward to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The trailer confirmed what an extensive data-mine suggested was coming last week!

The new update will be made available on April 23rd and adds some familiar faces and new season events to the game.

Leif’s Garden Shop

Our favourite gardening-loving sloth Leif makes his return to the Animal Crossing series with a mobile shop similar to Kicks’. When he’s on your island, Leif will set up a stall on the plaza where you will be able to purchase from an assortment of flowers, shrubs, bushes and gardening tools. You’ll be able to really take personalisation and design of your island to a new level!

Jolly Redd

Redd (or Crazy Redd) will also be returning to the series with his assortment of genuine and counterfeit art and furniture. Because the nature of his business is questionable, to say the least, he will dock up at your island’s secret beach to peddle his wares. It’s up to you, the player, to work out which pieces are fake. After purchasing a genuine piece of art, your island’s museum will expand to open an art gallery adding a new series of collectables to the game.

Nature Day (April 23rd – May 4th)

To celebrate the natural world, Nature Day is a seasonal event that will be taking place soon! As part of this, there will be special Nook Miles challenges made available that focus on caring for your island and its plants such as planting trees and watering flowers.

May Day Tour (May 1st-7th)

A one-time May Day Ticket will be available to purchase in the first week of May that allows you to head out on a limited-time tour to a unique mystery island. The trailer showed an until-now absent character from the series: Rover!. While his role in the May Day Tour is unclear so far, it’s a welcome return.

International Museum Day (May 18th-31st)

In celebration of International Museum Day, New Horizons will be seeing a Stamp Rally feature added to the game! After receiving a special card, players will be able to take a tour of the museum and collect stamps by viewing different fish, insects and fossils. There seem to be some in-game rewards for collecting stamps at each exhibit area in the museum as well!

Wedding Season (June 1st-30th)

Here comes… Cyrus and Reese? Our favourite alpaca couple is back! Though this time, not with the Re-Tail shop. To celebrate wedding season, players will be able to take a trip to Harvey’s Island to meet the married couple and arrange an anniversary photoshoot for them. Rewards for participating this include wedding-themed items, allowing for some exciting virtual ceremonies to take place on your island!

These updates will be made available on April 23rd. There seems to be a lot of interesting changes implemented for this first content update in New Horizons. Already extending the game’s longevity and adding a ton of content, New Horizons and its future updates are shaping up to be one of the biggest Animal Crossing games to date.

What new features are you most looking forward to in the April update? And what is missing that you’d like to see come to the game in the future? Let us know!

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Chloe Fathers

Chloe Fathers


Chloe is a student, writer, cat lover and avid Animal Crossing fan since Wild World. Debate her on the best K.K. song in the series (Spoiler: it’s K.K. Disco).

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im so hyped! :’)


So exviting! My husband and I are hoping to see thr bushes have added fruit, like blueberries and strawberries. Would love to see some vine fruits too so people can really personalize their towns with their favorites!



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