In the absence of opportunity to enjoy sport out in the open, players of New Horizons have found all manner of ways to create healthy competition between friends. We sought to make a list of some of the community creations out there, and the ACPocketNews fanbase delivered. Below, we share a small selection of them which, with a little preparation, can be enjoyed by all! 

The Classics

Hide and Seek

This old-school classic is exactly what it says on the tin. One person counts to a pre-determined number whilst the other players take refuge in one of the many hiding places that islands have to offer. Once the number has been reached, the person seeking the others will traverse the island in search of those hiding. The winner is the person who is found last. A quick and easy game to play with friends, and one that never gets old!


There isn’t a child or adult among the Animal Crossing community who hasn’t played Tag. Another simple easy to implement game, you have one islander who is it and the others have to run from them. Adding a prop such as a Net makes things a little easier to referee, with the person tagging needing to hit the other villager in order to register that a ‘tag’ has been made. The classic of all classics.

Musical Chairs

Requiring a few more props, but well worth the time, Musical Chairs sees one person in control of the radio and the others moving around a set of chairs that have been laid out in a line. When the ‘judge’ stops the music by turning off the radio, the other islanders need to move quickly to the chairs and ensure they aren’t last to sit down. If they are, they are out, and a chair is removed. The winner is the person who sits on the last remaining chair first when the radio is stopped for the last time.

The Celebrated

Running track/obstacle course

While it may take a little work to organise and a dedicated spot on the island, the creation of a running track or obstacle course is an excellent way to compete against friends whilst also taking in the sights of the island. A timer, available for purchase when Nooks Cranny is upgraded (below), means you can keep track of the times set by each competitor. Here at ACPocketNews, we would love to see what you can come up with!

Hosted fishing tournaments and Bug Offs!

Much like the running tracks, the timer can come in very handy for hosting your own fishing tournaments. In fact, Nintendo have planned for this by creating the option as standard. By setting a time from the list of pre-determined options, it then informs all islanders visiting the island that a timer has been set and a counter appears at the top of the screen which totals the number of fish and bugs caught during that time period.

The Charismatic

There were two entries from the ACPocketNews community that caught our eye and we’ve shared these below!

River Jump

This one is superb. On the count of 3, all islanders pole vault over the river and into a hole on the other side. The first to wriggle out of the hole is the winner. Simple and inventive, and sure to create some hilarious moments between mates.

Pitfall Arena

Just as inventive as the ‘River Jump’ and just as easy to recreate, ‘Pitfall Arena’ sees two islanders face off against each other in a makeshift ring with pitfall seeds used to create the boundary. Once inside, the islanders push and shove until one falls into the hole and loses.

With all these excellent ideas, the ACPocketNews team are excited to host their own multiplayer tournaments and see who is crowned the champion!

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Shaun Hughes

Shaun Hughes


With the enigmatic and unassuming K.K. Slider as his hero, Shaun Hughes seeks to be the best teacher, writer, and gamer he can be. He owes so much to the Animal Crossing franchise and ACPocketNews is his way of giving something back.

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