With update 1.2.0 upon us, we now have access to a whole host of new features, characters, and events that will be gracing our screens over the coming months. New Horizons is most definitely the gift that keeps on giving, and we can only hope that this is the latest in a long line of updates for our new favorite game.

Downloading the update today will give you instant access to some new features, whilst the rest will be drip-fed over the days and months that follow. Below is a small gallery of screenshots that the early moments of this new update will offer.

In true Nintendo fashion, they start by thanking us for the new update and offering a present as a way to show their gratitude. A classy move, and who doesn’t love presents?!

This may well have been a way of softening the blow of the next letter to be received, this one by the Bank of Nook. The incredibly small interest rates available when depositing money in the ABD has just gotten smaller! By way of apology, a small gift is shared. Again, who doesn’t love presents?!

The last of the three letters is from Tom Nook himself, this time advising us that there will be Nook Miles+ activities available from today until the 4th May. They know us too well, as we love the sound of that Nook Phone beeping to let us know we’ve earned some more Nook Miles!

This character needs no introduction, and when I put my thumb up to him this morning, he duly responded! It is going to be a fruitful relationship between us with the wares he shares, and here at ACPocketNews, we may have already purchased far more than we needed…

As if the museum couldn’t get any better, we know that Jolly Redd will soon be visiting our shores to sell fine and not-so-fine artwork to be displayed in Blathers latest and greatest gallery. Whilst you won’t see Redd on the first day of the update, you can rest assured he is coming!

Finally, in what some may feel is the finest way to spend Nook Miles, you can now purchase a Coral or Green Nook. Inc aloha shirt from the Resident Services machine. We’ve put our order in, have you? What colour did you go for?!

We can’t wait to see what else the latest update has in store for us and would love to hear from you as you share your experiences. Get in touch with us at @ACPocketNews!

For all things Animal Crossing, stay tuned to ACPocketNews.

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Shaun Hughes

Shaun Hughes


With the enigmatic and unassuming K.K. Slider as his hero, Shaun Hughes seeks to be the best teacher, writer, and gamer he can be. He owes so much to the Animal Crossing franchise and ACPocketNews is his way of giving something back.

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